What Would You Do If You Won?

I don’t care who you are, you’re probably dreaming of winning that Powerball Jackpot of over $800 million. After taxes, you’d get about $400+ million. Good problem or bad problem? Family members or friends who usually don’t ever see would be at your front door step within hours. Unlike some states, you have to release your name if you win. You can decline the press conference but they have to tell the media your name. That means phone calls from family to car dealers to every Tom, Dick and Harry wanted to be your new best friend.

Would you stop working? Remember Obama-Care-you could buy your insurance but your work benefits could be tough to let go but I think you could still manage. ¬†Over $400 million is a lot of money. Tom Benson bought the Pelicans for $320 million. Even if you bought a new house, cars and trucks etc. you’d still have over $400 million. But yet some people still blow it on goofy investments and giving so much to family.

IF I WON? I would give each sibling $5 million and mom and dad around $10 million (they’d probably kill each other though) and the rest for my son and I to invest in smart business moves. I would travel this world-starting with the United States in an RV. I’m sure my numbers won’t be called though because I rarely have luck in gambling. I usually don’t even get 1 number but you can’t win if you don’t buy-right? Yes, I’ll buy a few tonight or tomorrow.