RIP Eagles Co-Founder Glen Frey…from a kid of the 70’s & 80’s

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Growing up in Southeast Alabama in the 70’s I was exposed to both Country and Southern Rock at a young age. My Mom played the Eagles on 8 track and album, so I knew the words to their songs at a young age. As a teenager in the 80’s I was very familiar with Glen Frey…not only was he one of the guys who brought us those Eagle songs I loved but a great 80’s solo artist as well..on the charts with songs from the movies like “the Heat is on” from Beverly Hills Cop, but also from TV Soundtracks like Smuggler’s Blues from Miami Vice…and also from that show one of my favorite songs to this day..”You Belong To The City”… Glen even played a smuggler on that show as well. The whole music world will miss this talented man…

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