LSU May Shorten Tailgating


The story from LSU today is that they are considering shrinking the hours students can tailgate during LSU football games to curb underage drinking. I think it would be hard to separate the two but I agree something needs to be done with students who make LSU look bad. I’m all for fun and for the students enjoying themselves because they pay a pretty penny to go there but the students that attend games and shout vulgar things is getting out of hand. The band can’t play some old traditional songs anymore because the students turn them into a dirty song. The crowd at the Oklahoma/LSU basketball was unbelievable. Everyone in the stands were embarrassed as well as they should be.

If I was the A.D, I would’ve kept every student in their seats and scanned their I.D and would not have allowed them back in any sporting event. You got to set an example.

Again, I think LSU is the greatest place for tailgating but a small percentage of fans make LSU look bad because they get sloppy drunk and treat opposing fans like crap and shout out profanities at these games.

Below is the Advocate’s article on the tailgating story at LSU:


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