Another Chapter In My Cancer Journey #Igotthis


A little over year ago I was on a weight loss journey and on my personal instagrm and facebook pages I would post pictures of my salads and diet foods with the hastag #igotthis, little did I know it would take on a whole new meaning. As discussed in a previous blog I found out just over a month ago that I have Kidney Cancer, due to other issues, like three pulmonary embolisms i couldn’t have a biopsy right away since I was on blood thinners. Well a couple of days ago I briefly stopped the blood thinner medication to allow the doctors to be able to do the procedure that will tell me exactly what strain of kidney cancer I have. This will allow me to begin the medical treatment to shrink…not cure…but shrink the cancer. I have come to face the fact that I will loose one of my kidneys. so as I await the results, it’s weird that I never dreamed I’d be hoping for a “run of the mill” kidney cancer and praying I don’t have one of the super aggressive kinds. So now my hashtag #Igotthis means something a whole lot different!…waiting for the next step!0914_orange_ribbon_for_kidney_cancer_awareness_stock_photo_Slide01

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