How Much More Rain?


Over the last year and a half we’ve had our fair share of the wet stuff. This weekend alone was a wash and it could’ve been worse. The Ascension Parish area had over 9 inches on Saturday alone, Jazz Fest in New Orleans was a wash for the weekend and the Zurich Classic Golf Classic could’ve been renamed the Bass Master Classic.

Last year, Baton Rouge had more rain than any other city in America and this year we’re on that same track. We averaged over 5 inches of rain per month last year and the average should be closer to 4 inches. Last year for the 1st time since it started, Bayou Country Superfest was delayed by rain. Miranda didn’t care. She performed in some rain and her then husband Blake Shelton sang after the rain stopped.

We don’t want to get Mother Nature upset but here in Louisiana, there always something going on for the weekend. Hopefully we can order unseasonably cool and clear weather for BCS #7 Memorial Day Weekend in Tiger Stadium.

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