There have been so many great people all over this great country that have donated all kinds of stuff from diapers, shoes, school supplies, food and more to our neighbors. Who would’ve have thought Alabama’s football team would bring an 18-wheeler full of supplies as well as the University of South Carolina. A friend of mine near San Diego brought a big truck to Istrouma. Six tractor trailers from Atlanta made their way here to Baton Rouge last weekend and even here while people are recovering from their own damaged homes, called in $150,000 for the Salvation Army and Red Cross.

Stuff like this gives you hope that America is still great no matter who’s President or what big story that dominates news like just recently here in BR. We’ve had our fair share of national attention this year starting with the tornado’s that hit So. La earlier this year to the shooting involving the BR Police.

If any state can get through this we can as we remember Hurricane Katrina 11 years ago this week. So if traffic seems a little to heavy at 7:00PM, try to remember like me last week, it’s relief workers staying out of town because hotels in the city is nearly 100% booked.


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