Had A Blast At BREC-A-BOO


I was at BREC’s BREC-A-BOO today at the Forest Community Park off South Harrells Ferry and I gotta tell you-I HAD FUN. Watching all those princess, unicorns, batmans and Super Girls having fun reminded me when my son was that small and even the days I got to Trick-or-Treat.

Hats off to BREC for putting on so many events not only this month but year-round.  The staff is so energetic to do this and the parks that BREC owns and has refurbished is just amazing! We really should be grateful to have an organization that goes this far to make sure our quality of life is good here in the Baton Rouge area. We hear so much negatives stories about crime and traffic well BREC is one of the benefits we have to live here.  I heard a story today about this lady that lived here and moved to Florida and she wrote BREC to inform them their park services are no where near the system we have here.

Click on the link to our FB to catch some pictures from earlier and again that BREC for inviting 100.7 The Tiger to talk about your programs this month and for more check out www.brec.org 


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