Country Artists Playing For Inauguration


The 45th President of The United States will be sworn in this Friday and singing for the Inauguration usually is a who’s who but this time some are refusing to perform. Some country artists like Garth has turned down a shot at playing his tunes but Toby Keith gladly accepted the invitation and so did Lee Greenwood, as well as former Little Texas members Tim Rushlow and Richie McDonald.

President Elect Donald Trump will also speak where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr spoke to 250,000 in 1963. All the entertainers basically said that this is about America and not about politics.

Some country fans are shocked at Garth, who was once a registered Republican, gave his support for President Obama in 2012. He has been quiet since Trump was elected.

If I was a singer, it wouldn’t matter if Hillary or Trump won. I would consider it an honor and be proud to perform.

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