Can’t Wait For Super Bowl 51


When it comes to the BIG game this Sunday, it looks like I’m covered. I got a new house, which is bigger than my older home I had last year, I have family coming over, I’ve got the BBQ Pit ready AND I JUST BOUGHT A 75″ Samsung TV.

Of course I had to get a bigger TV, even though my 65″ just went out, I love my new TV. You think I’d paid $5,000 or more for a 75″ but I paid just $2000. That’s pretty much the norm any where you look right now. My Samsung has a “Sports” button on the top of the remote and it brightens up the TV big time and picks up the volume. It’s in 4k, which is better than 1080i, so the picture is amazing. I did watch some of the Pro Bowl yesterday just to see what It’ll look on Sunday. It was GREAT!

The biggest part of this weekend though-is family. I count my blessings every year my mom & dad are still with us and when they said, “Can we come over for the Super Bowl?” I’m like YES INDEED. My Uncle J from New Orleans along with my cousin Andy and his wife make the perfect recipe for a fun time. Add in some good ol’ Louisiana BBQ with Pig Stand BBQ sauce (From Ville Platte baby) and some sides like dirty rice and baked beans. King Cake as well as chips and dips galore.

Sometimes a Super Bowl gathering is the best because it’s mostly adults around the TV cheering for their team-which I hope it’s New England………..

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