Going Hollywood! for little ole me!

Weekdays 3pm - 7pm

Last year when my friends and coworkers organized the Jammin’ For James Benefit to help raise money for me in my fight against kidney cancer, one of my dear friends Daniel Lewis donated a talking part on a movie in which he is Executive Producer. Guaranty Media’s very own (and my boss) Flynn Foster won the bidding and got the part! Yesterday we made the trek to Ocean Springs, MS where filming began for this next blockbuster. Now here’s a little background …a few years before during another benefit for a fellow co-worker Matt Moscana’s little boy Drew, Flynn made a winning bid on another part, donated by Daniel as well, and was a sheriff in “Zombie Shark” which was broadcast on The SYFi Network. Fast forward to yesterday again and this time my dedicated boss was once again thrown to the sharks! so again Flynn has sacrificed himself for his employees! enjoy a few pics from an awesome day on the set! I even got a few minutes with one of the stars Cassie Steele