BREC Offers A Golf Camp This Summer


How cool is this? BREC offers a Golf Summer Camp! There’s a lot of dad’s that play golf and now you get a chance for your son or daughter to learn the game and in no time they could be on the course with you. The camp is held at the very nice Santa Maria Golf Course in south Baton Rouge. The camp starts June 5th but registration is already underway so don’t wait any longer. I’ll include the link below so that you can get all the information to get your young golfer signed up.

Again, I can’t brag on BREC enough. The parks and the programs make this one of the best parks service in the country. I was told this story where this young family moved from BR to Tampa, Florida and she told her friends that the parks and activities that they offer in Tampa is nothing like here in BR. So be proud of our very own BREC.

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