BREC’s Summer Camp Website Very User Friendly.


We’ve focused on several BREC Summer Camps that your kids can sign up for right now. All different age groups and whatever their interests are. They can even do more than one camp, of course on different dates but you get the idea.

Let’s say your not comfortable with websites and think there too difficult. You’re right on some but the BREC Summer Camp site is user friendly.

  • Just click on what camp your child is interested in and follow the guide line.
  • Read “Ways To Register,” 1st before you click on a camp and it will help you know you’ve just signed up.
  • Look at the “Deposit,” paragraph to explain what you have to do to get that deposit so that you reserve a space in that camp.
  • There’s even a “Refund,” paragraph in case you sign up for the wrong camp or you have to many conflicting dates.
  • And last is the “Age Tabs,” you’ll see at the very end. I love this section because you may like a camp for your child but do they qualify for that camp age wise? Just hit your child’s age range and all the camps for their age shows up on your screen.

Here is the link for BREC’s Summer Camp Web Page

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