Nothing Like A Garth Concert To Stir It Up


Tickets for Garth’s concert(s) in Lafayette June 24th will go on sale tomorrow at 10am at and people are coming out from under rocks. People are already begging me for tickets but I’m not handling any of them so I’ll stop you from calling because I have none.  Now I’m going to be able to get some out on the air. In fact, we’ve already begun. All you have to do is keep listening for your chance to win and we’ll tell you how you can win them.

In my 31 years of working in radio, I’ve seen a lot of shows and he’s still the best. He just has a great time on stage and it shines onto the audience. Everyone of his songs comes to life and it’s just one big party. If you’ve never seen him on concert-YOU HAVE TO GO TO LAFAYETTE! He might not be as active as back in the 90’s but he’s still very active on stage.

I know I’m one of the lucky ones because I got to go backstage and actually hang out with him and he’s also the best in that category. I’ve seen a lot of singers backstage and Garth always wants to know how you’re doing and ask about your family. Who knows, he make be faking it but I really don’t think so. He’s the best actor if he is faking it.

Garth will do like all of his other stops-probably do 3 or 4 shows over that weekend and every one of them will be a little different BUT WILL BE A PARTY.

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