Sugarlips with Garth and Trisha Backstage


I went to the Garth Brooks concert this past weekend and as always he delivered.


In my book-Garth is still the best! Out of all the concerts I’ve seen from music genres-he still puts on the best show. The show started with 2 opening acts and then Garth took over around 8:30. He finished at about 11:30 on Saturday night and like he said, “It’s Saturday Night in Louisiana.” He sang a lot of his old songs which the crowd went nuts over. A lot of artists want you to sing along and finish their song but Garth has a lot of those that fans sing to. In fact, by the end of the concert I thought the crowd starting getting less loud maybe because of show exhaust. Think about Garth and how long he performs. After Trisha Yearwood came on for her set, a lot of the crowd went to concessions and to smoke outside. When Garth came back onstage, he re-energized the crowd with “Calling Baton Rouge,” and “Friends in Low Places.” (I put “Callin’ BR” on FB and it’s up to 30k views) “Standing Outside the Fire” was his last song of the 1st part of the show and he came out for an encore singing other artists classics. He started out with George Strait’s, “Amarillo By Morning” and kept it going with Keith Whitley’s “Don’t Close Your Eyes.” He called Trisha back on stage to sing, “Golden Ring,” by George Jones and Tammy Wynette. He nailed every one of those songs. I was shocked not to hear a Chris LeDoux song. He kept Trisha on for her to sing “Walk Away Joe” and you know she still has it too. All in all out of 5*’s you give Garth a 10*. He’s still got it and to perform for 3 hours to a sold-out crowd. Nobody can say they didn’t get their money’s worth.


There’s not another artist out there that treats you like they are your cousin. He and Trisha are amazing and I wish all you could experience that. We entered the room 1st and sat down and got comfortable in nice chairs and a couch. It was Brian King and his wife Sindy along with me and my sister Elizabeth. My sister has been to 13 shows on this tour so this was her 1st time to meet him and he delivered. Garth and Trisha entered the room and immediately made us feel at home. Trisha sat next to me and Garth kneeled down and leaned on a foot stool and talked to us like we’ve known him forever. He spent 10 to 15 minutes with us backstage talking about marriage and life in general. He asked about our lives like he really cared. Keith Urban is the closest person to do that right now. NO OTHER ARTIST DOES THAT TO FANS OR RADIO STATIONS AND THAT’S WHY YOU USUALLY DON’T SEE ME BACKSTAGE ANYMORE. They really need to hang out with Garth and Trisha to learn how to treat people.

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