Where Were You 40 Years Ago?


The King of Rock-n-Roll Elvis Presley died on this date back in 1977. I remember not believing it all because a couple of years before that a rumor came out that he died on his motorcycle only to be proven false. Only when I saw ABC’s coverage of his death from Memphis did it sink in that he actually died. I was crushed just like the rest of the world. The initial report a massive heart attack in his bathroom. He was set to fly out to Portland to begin his tour that night. His girlfriend, Ginger discovered him and called down to one Elvis’ friends to come look at him. Remember, Elvis struggled that year in concert. In Alexandria, La. he didn’t even play an hour on stage and several people couldn’t understand him. He didn’t even show up in Baton Rouge. So his health was fading fast. Still fans adored him like no other. An estimated 10,000 were outside his house for his funeral.

Elvis still lives through his fans today as they gather every year for the anniversary of his death, August 16th 1977. Where were you when you found out?

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