Denham Strong Is Awesome


This past Saturday, 100.7 The Tiger was invited to the event called, “Denham Strong.” It was held at the Train Station Park which is just a block off Florida St. and right behind the Antique Village.

Mr. Stan McCurdy was in charge and Mayor Gerard Landry was there to greet all the people from all over the area that was affected by the flood. J.T from the Livingston Parish Convention and Visitor’s Bureau had purchased advertising all week on 100.7 the Tiger and Eagle 98.1. Chase Tyler, is a very talented young man and has heart as big as Livingston Parish donated his time and T-shirt sales to an organization that travels around the country rebuilding homes after a major disaster like they had a year ago. These volunteers were from not just all over the country but the world. I met a young lady from Italy and another young lady from Australia. A guy by the name of Bubba and I talked for a while and he works for a guy named Big D. Small world huh?

There would’ve been a larger crowd but the threat of rain kept some people away. The people I met- show what Louisiana is all about. “Get out of our way while I rebuild my house!” That’s their response to the  state and federal government. Livingston Parish people are strong and don’t ask for a hand-out. You want to help me-fine but don’t stop me from getting my house back!

I thank my lucky stars that I didn’t flood because I don’t if I could’ve handled as strong as the people Denham Springs did.

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