The Atrium Scene At Paragon Worth Seeing


I recently had a chance to drive to the Paragon Casino Resort in Marksville and if you’re looking for a place you can get away for the weekend-THIS IS IT!  The atrium scene in itself is well worth it. Some say watching fish can bring your blood pressure down-give me alligators in a swamp scene.

First of all, it took me an hour and forty three minutes from Downtown Baton Rouge to get to Marksville. Go I-110 to Hwy 61 and turn off where the New Roads ferry used to be. That’s the new Audubon Bridge and you connect to L.A. 1 straight to the Paragon Casino Resort.

Their beautiful atrium scene is perfect. LIVE gators and on the weekends there are shows that the handlers put on for the people to see. People of all ages are welcome because Paragon Casino Resort is very family friendly. The atrium is also home to the Gator Coffee Shop as well as the Atrium Bar where the bar is as long as L.A. 1. While you’re enjoying the bar-your kids will love Paragon Casino Resort Cinema. Showing the latest movies that hits the box office and I’ve been told they have the very best “movie” popcorn in the world.

I haven’t even scratched the surface yet on all the things to do a Paragon Casino Resort in Marksville. It’s the perfect getaway I promise you. Enjoy the pictures and video on the atrium and I’ll tell you about the Spa that’s as “Big as the Super Dome!” Can’t wait? Click on this link to the Paragon Casino Resort:



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