Tim & Faith’s Special Worth Watching


I was flipping through the channels a few days ago and I caught the end of the Tim & Faith: Soul2Soul special on Showtime. Now I had talked about the documentary a few months ago but just forgot. So I stopped watching and found the next time it would play and set the DVR on it. I watched it and liked it. It shows how they set up the stage with rehearsing and the laser display and more. Their 1st show was in New Orleans and Faith was unbelievably nervous because she had stopped performing so that she could raise her girls. The 2nd show was in Mississippi, Faith’s home state and Tim surprised her by bringing her dad into the dressing room. This documentary digs deep into their lives and shows how the super couple still love each other.

If you get a shot-watch this show it’s worth it and I’ve added the trailer for this special on Showtime. Click on the link below:

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