Ashley McBryde Is That Good


This week, a country performer walked through the doors just like hundreds of them have before and sometimes I start betting myself if this artist is going to make or not. When Ashley McBryde walked in Studio 4 here at Guaranty Media-the game began. She didn’t look like a Carrie Underwood or even Miranda Lambert but she wasted no time grabbing her guitar and belting out a sweet country sound. She is all country and I’m going to include the video clip in this blog so you can see and hear for yourself. If she doesn’t make it- the system is broken! Talent should be what counts but usually a female has to look like a model to make it. She makes that case stupid because she has not only singing ability but just from my interview-she’s also a good songwriter. Keep your eyes and ears open for Ashley McBryde. In addition to the video performance-you can also hear the interview I had with Ashley on 100.7 The Tiger.

(On 100.7FB-scroll down to Nov. 21st post and video shot by James Gilmore.)

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