Christmas Not Just For Giving


When your spending time with the family this Holiday Season, take time to enjoy the company. There’s not a year goes by I don’t think about my grandparents who are in heaven watching down on us. My MaMe, like we called her, died in 1980 and since then my mother’s side of the family never gets together. I remembered we would always play football and gather round to hear my Uncles Jimmy and Glenn sing with the guitar. It was always so much fun and of course the food with Cajuns from Ville Platte-you know was good. My dad’s father, Paw Paw died Jan. 1st 1998. He and I would hunt and fish together all the time. Didn’t matter if there was sleet bouncing on the boat-we were going to check trot lines or yo-yos in Bayou Chicot. He always made me laugh and we always went there for Christmas Eve. Plenty of food and laughs with the family. My dad’s mother, Maw Maw died in 2014 and we still got together when she was alive but it was never as big as it was when my grandfather was alive. That because a lot of aunts and uncles have died. Now after Maw Maw died my dad’s side now also doesn’t get together for Christmas. Everybody wants to spend it with their kids. I envy some families that still get together. My siblings and I still get together with mom and dad and I cherish every moment of that because one day-I’ll be in the same boat as their currently in-life without mom and dad. So enjoy the season and soak in all the fun of the family gatherings because one day you may be like me-missing your huge family gatherings.


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