New Year’s Resolutions-Let’s Do This


Okay, what is your New Year’s Resloution? I’ll be honest-I didn’t even come up with one. Every year I want to save more money than the previous year and I accomplished that. This year though, I want to do that plus other things. Like health and weight. According to a survey, 37% of  people want to stay healthy and fit while 32% want to lose weight. Enjoy life to the fullest comes in next at 27% and spend less and save more is at 25%. Now here’s the really bad news: only 8% of us actually keep this New Year’s Resolution thing. Wow, that’s even lower than I thought. Remember it takes 2 weeks to form a habit so just stick with it. I definitely want to be healthier in 2018 and I intend to start today. Come on-WE CAN DO THIS!

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