Tough Pill To Swallow

This morning as I woke up my mind convinced that as long as Nick Saban remains at Alabama-every other team is just 2nd fiddle. Not just LSU in the SEC West but all other teams in college football. Your team might beat him every now and then and it might be in a playoff game but overall Nick Saban is not done winning championships at Alabama. He’s won 6 in 15 years and 5 in the last 9. In today’s college football world-we may never see this again. Nick Saban is the greatest college football coach of all-time. When Bear Bryant did it-college football wasn’t as big of a business it is today. Now almost every school has facilities that help you get some good athletes but overall Saban still gets the best and then developes them into his program. Even his players are starting to play better in the NFL. That was something I had always talked about. LSU players play better in the NFL than Alabama’s but that’s not the case anymore. (LSU still has more but at least Tide players are showing up now.)

I had a friend of mine today say about my FB post last night. He thought someone hacked in my FB but no that’s what I feel. I know that even now some LSU fans don’t won’t to accept this and that’s okay with me but I have to speak the truth here and when LSU was on top of the college football world in 2007 Alabama hated the Tigers as well. This was right when Saban took over and they haven’t won a national championship in years. I wore my LSU National Championship hat to Alabama’s museum in Tuscaloosa and they frowned when I walked in with that hat.

So even as the clouds dominated the sky here in Baton Rouge today-It’ll get sunny again when dear old Nick decides to hang up his coaching headphones for the broadcasting kind. A tough pill to swallow for college football fans across the nation.