My Heart Breaks For Lari White

I got the sad news this weekend that country singer and actress Lari White was in hospice care with her family by her side fighting cancer. I met her in Lafayette backstage just before she went on stage. She asked if I knew her name and I said of course. I said Laura and Lauree and she kept on me to try and say the right pronunciation of her name. (I think she was flirting with me…lol) She was very nice the entire time and kissed me on my cheek for my troubles. She has a heart as big as an ocean.

Lari White started her career by winning a contest on the Nashville Network called, “So You Want To Be A Star?” After that, her career got going quickly. She had 11 songs that hit the charts and her biggest one was titled, “Now I Know,” which hit #5 on the charts. I also liked, “That’s My Baby,” and “”That’s When You Know You’re In Love.”

If you still don’t know who she is-she was the in the Tom Hanks movie, “Castaway.” She was the lady at the end when he just delivered her package and he was at a crossroads. (I put that scene on the bottom)

Life is short! We’ve heard that all our lives but this time it hits home. Lari just had problems with her stomach and they did emergency surgery to fix a blocked valve that allowed food to go to her intestine. When they did the operation, they discovered she had cancer. She just said a few weeks ago that 2018 will be about chemotherapy but the cancer hit her hard and quick and now she’s fighting for her life at a hospice facility in Nashville surrounded by family. To make matters worse-her and her husband still tour and that’s how they make their living. With her bedridden and her husband by her side they have no money coming in. A Go Fund Me page has been set up and here it is:

All my prayers are with this great lady, Lari White and that she does not suffer. GOD BLESS

Here she is in the movie, “Castaway.”