Government Officials Are Failing Us


I know the title of this blog is nothing new. Government representatives have always let us down but now it seems to more than ever.

On the Federal level: Democrats and Republicans hate each other more than ever. This latest Governement shutdown was a joke. There should never be other bills tied to a government shutdown when it comes to people’s salaries. If the Senator’s and Congressmen’s paycheck depended on it-there would never be one. Washington is getting worse and worse and the some American people are just as bad. Democrats wanting a President to fail because they didn’t vote for him is absolutely absurd. That means you want the United States to fall and that would mean more dipping into your pocket to get us out. I don’t care who is President-I will never want that person to fail and I disagree with Senator Flake out of Arizona. The press has gotten out of hand because most of the younger generation is not buying their publications or watching them on TV for news anymore so they feel they must stir it up to make people pay attention. I really believe they have stirred this race storm up and they will not stop. It’s starting to get so bad, the African American graduating class of this year’s Harvard Law School want to have a separate graduation. When will it stop?

On a State level: The State of Louisiana Law Makers have let us down as well. I just don’t believe we have representatives here in Baton Rouge that can create new ideas to generate money. The state of Georgia got most movies now that we changed the tax form. Louisiana legislators said it wasn’t worth it. Georgia claims that the movie industry spent $2 billion last year and the state made $9.02 billion for the economy. That’s a prophet of $7 billion. (According to Adweek.) Now Governor John Bel Edwards says we are now facing a $1 billion plus short fall. A tax has expired and they now have to discuss a new tax to make up for it. I love this state because of the people not the politics! Our culture and our way of life is the best but I’m getting sick of this governement. We have companies that were born here in this gorgeous state but yet their corporate head quarters are in any other state. Raising Canes is in Dallas, Smoothie King is now considering it and a business like Oreck moved to Mississippi because the business tax in New Orleans is one of the highest in the nation. The new proposal the governor talked about yesterday slashes TOPS, Universities, mental illness facilities and more. When is going to end? Why can’t we get lawmakers that think outside the box without breaking the law?

This is just a small gripe I have. It would take me days to write about what’s wrong with all of government.

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