Could There Have Been A 2nd Shooter?


I’ve seen plenty of people’s theories on more than one shooter in the tragic incident in Las Vegas during Jason Aldean’s Performance at the Route 91 Harvest Festival but I didn’t actually believe it. Now stories are coming out that there is another person of interest in this case. I’ve seen all the conspiracy theories that say officials are hiding information from us and that there were more than 1 shooter. (I will not mention that jerk who did the shooting or count him as one of the victims.)

I still think there was just one shooter. Why would officials hide that? They tracked his girlfriend down even after she climbed on a plane and left Las Vegas in a matter of a couple of hours. The timeline shows that he became distant leading up to that night and he bought a lot of guns. This was carefully planned out and his girlfriend has stated that she thought that he was buying that many guns for a collection or something. Officials have his computers, checked his house and his hotel room for that night.

It still hurts us all thinking of that night and just think what the victims that survived that night are going through. This crazy man hurt 700 concert goers and of course killed 58. A judge just had some of the pages of the case opened for the 1st time. Police officials are still investigating and hope to have everything wrapped up at the end of this year.

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