My Thoughts On Super Bowl 52

The Game: Early indications have come out that the ratings for the Super Bowl was down 20% from last year. For some reason, I just didn’t get excited this week for the big game. Maybe because of all the kneeling the players did earlier this season or maybe because it was in Minnesota with below freezing temperatures and snow. (If Minnesota wouldn’t have that weather-the Super Bowl would be there quite often because it close in proximity and the people were awesome). Maybe it was the matchup, New England (for the 10th time) vs. Philadelphia. The game itself was unbelievable. Back and forth with no defense from both teams and the game went down to the last play. The hype just wasn’t big this year because everybody was indoors the whole week.

The Performances: Leslie Odum Jr nailed “America The Beautiful.” Smooth voice and didn’t drag the song out. How about P!NK with the National Anthem? With the flu, she delivered a “homerun!” She has a great voice and it showed last night. I thought Justin Timberlake had a high energy show and the tribute to Prince was amazing but overall I didn’t like his show as much as Lady Gaga’s last year. Now, I don’t rush to buy his music but neither do I for Lady Gaga’s either.

Commercials: Not one commercial stood out to me. Usually you would laugh your butt off at a Doritos or Budweiser spot but last night? Absolutely lame. I know a lot of people liked the Eli Manning and Odell Beckham and the Alexi lost of her voice spot. They were okay but nothing to write about.

Philly Fans: The Eagle’s fans last night in Philadelphia was absolutely stupid. To break windows and awnings as well as turning over street lights and signals to burning cars. Winning a Super Bowl is great but that went way overboard. Nobody parties like New Orleans and when the Saints won the big game-Saints fans didn’t do that.