Luke Combs Has Another Hit


What a way to start! Luke Combs’ 1st 2 songs, “Hurricane” and “When It Rains It Pours,” go straight to the top of the charts. His new song, “One Number Away,” is also heading in to that direction. Now Kelsea Ballerini got off to great start as well with her 1st 3 songs going to #1 but her 4th song came up just short. Florida/Georgia Line had their 1st 8 songs claim the top spot. So the streak enventually comes to an end but enjoy it while you can.

“One Number Away,” is about a man and a woman who were dating and they are both one number away from making the phone call to end the relationship but they can’t make the call. Then the video teaches a lesson at the end you have to watch. I won’t spoil it. Good video and good song. It shows that Luke Combs is a very good country artist. His songs seem to reach home to a lot of people and I know we’ve all been there before- “One Number Away.”

Enjoy the video:

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