Gentry’s Wife Files Lawsuit


You knew it was coming. In this day and age the only way to make a living is to SUE SOMEONE. Now in this case, I would almost have to agree she should. The helicopter pilot knew there was something wrong the machine but yet he still went up. When I flew in a Cessna airplane (small plane-2 or 4 seater), my pilot would check everything. One time the spark plugs were not firing off right and we didn’t go up. Because of the crash that killed Gentry-she has lossed all of her income. I’m not a big fan of lawsuits but in certain situations I can definitely see the reason and this is one of them.

The lawsuit was filed on February 14th against Sirosky Aircraft Corporation. In the papers “The dangers from the lack of crashworthiness and defects in the engine, transmission and sprag clutch, throttle cables, engine attachments and absence of crashworthy features were unknown to the average user and consumer of this helicopter but well known to these defendants who made it a point to hide and deny and problems that could and did cause serious personal injury and death.”

Troy Gentry died on Sept. 8th 2017 at the age 50 and the pilot, James Evan Robinson also died at the age of 30.

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