Louisiana Doesn’t Practice Their Own Preaching


I can sit here all day and tell you the problems we have in this state and how our leaders in Baton Rouge are not problem solvers but again it would take me all day. Here’s one gripe I have.

I recently had to buy a new windshield because mine had a crack all the way across. So I went through my insurance company and Safelite Repair came to the office and changed to a brand new one. On the way home the next night, a rock hit my windshield. THE 2ND NIGHT! I could see no stars or cracks so I went on my way. Well I missed it. The point of impact was on the passenger side(again) right below the wiper blades. I didn’t notice it until I saw the small crack this past Saturday. It was about an inch to maybe another quarter inch long. That can be fixed but then by Sunday another crack had already branched off and is over 6 inches long which cannot be fixed. Needless to say I was furious. This windshield is not even a month old.

My uncle, who drives a truck all over the country told me Louisiana is the worst for that and a Safelite Rep confirmed it.  Last year alone in the 70802 area in Downtown Baton Rouge, there were nearly 11,000 claims. That’s just in the area alone. The reason is that Louisiana don’t enforce better laws for these trucks that carry gravel or have gravel on their flat beds. I know that gravel trucks must cover their load but rocks are still over the roads. If have you to pull over to the side-you risk the chance of getting a screw or nail in your tire to go along with the rocks.

I’ve lived in the state all my life and I would miss the crawfish boils, the food, the people, the festivals and more but man-more and more I thinking of life outside this state.

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