The Outdoor Adventure Camp From BREC


My son, Tristan is now 19 years old and he still loves going on an adventure. Now he is too old for any of the BREC Summer Camps but he if could participate he’d choose the Outdoor Adventure Camp. Hiking, biking, rock climbing, kayaking and so much more. This Camp will take place at the Greenwood Park and begins on June 4th. East Baton Rouge residents can begin registering your child on March 24th. You sign up online or join us at the North Sherwood Community Park from 12-2PM on that Saturday March 24th. The Grand Opening of that Park will take place and BREC will pull out all the stops. Kayaking, an Easter Egg Hunt and more. I’ll be there broadcasting LIVE from 12-2 and we’ll have lots of fun when BREC is involved.

Here’s information on that Outdoor Adventure Camp:

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