Runaway June Is The Real Deal


I got an opportunity to meet the trio known as Runaway June last year in Ponchatoula and came away amazed. Brian King, who is the music director for 100.7 The Tiger and I had a chance to talk with them on their bus. Naomi Cook is the lead singer and she loved telling us ghost stories. Hannah Mulholland was the quiet one and Jennifer Wayne would giggle and talk to us like she knew us forever. She is the granddaughter of lengendary actor John Wayne. They played us a song they were hoping that the record would release called, “Wild West,” and I knew immediately that would be their 1st big time hit. We’re playing it pretty regularly but the rest of the nation is slow picking it up. I like the song and I’m going to add the video right here. I haven’t seen yet so let’s pull a chair and watch it together.

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