BREC’S Focus of the Month- Conservation and Trails!


I have to brag about BREC for a bit!

I went out to Rockin’ at the Swamp this past weekend and I had an absolute blast! They ended up having absolutely perfect weather.  Not only did they have fun and educational activities for the kids, they had shopping for the adults… and I can’t lie, I think I enjoyed the rock wall more so than most kids!!!

Rockin’ at the Swamp is just one of many events BREC puts on year round. Being around young kids most weekends I am constantly looking for outdoorsy things for them to do…. (I don’t want to be the adult that pawns the kids off to the XBox or to watch a movie.  I try to save those for a rainy day… or my tired days!) This event over exceeded my expectations and was a perfect event to get kids out of the house and into nature!  Rockin’ at the Swamp is held at Bluebonnet’s Swamp Nature Center, which is BREC’s premier Conservation Area!  It is has 103 acres  that includes live animal exhibits, natural artifact displays, a waterfowl decoy collection and boardwalk and nature trails.

BREC has several conservation area’s that have ball parks, playgrounds, lakes, nature trails, and many other amenities to get you and your kids outside playing!

For more information and a full list of conservation areas click here!


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  1. Oren May 12 March, 2019 at 15:19 Reply

    Great post. Being outside is something each of us needs to do. Lots of possibilities close to our city. BREC does a good job keeps our parks in good shape.

    • Brittany Ensminger 12 March, 2019 at 16:11 Reply

      Thank you! I was blown away at how amazing ‘Rockin’ at the Swamp’ was!
      I live not even ten minutes from Bluebonnet Swamp and Nature Center and never think to bring my nephew or my boyfriend’s son there.
      After attending that event I will definitely be bringing them often!

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