The best way to get your Summer body is here!

You all may have heard me talking about Yoglates 2 South on the air, and everything I say about their program is true!

Some of you may know that I used to compete in pageants throughout my college years, and part of the pageant competition is the swimsuit portion.  I used to do massive amounts of cardio and very little weights.  I had a “pageant body”, but I didn’t have the everyday healthy body that one achieves for.  Since I started Yoglates 2 South, I have noticed how much better I feel throughout the entire day. I have more energy, I sleep better, my hunger cravings have decreased and the list goes on and on. I swear by this workout!

In fact, some of you may think it sounds “easy” or “feminine”, but that could not be far from the truth. I took my fiancé with me and he was weary at first, as he is a former college quarterback, but he said it was one of the most productive workouts he has ever done and he enjoys going. Several professional athletes also do their training at Yoglates 2 South in the offseason.  I promise you won’t regret trying it!

I have included some pictures here so you all can see some of the poses that may not look too hard, but will have you sweating and in the best shape of your life!

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