Nashville baby!!!

So I am going to Nashville this coming weekend and I am more excited than ever to go!  As most of you know, my boyfriend plays country music.  He will be playing at Dee’s Country Cocktail Lounge on Saturday, March 23rd.

Even though we are heading to Nashville for business, we are turning this trip into business/pleasure trip.  We have two friends coming with us, Brooke and “Soft” ( you know how plant workers are with their crazy nicknames!).  Also, we are stopping in Huntsville, AL to see my best friend since middle school, Baylee, and her husband Blake and precious baby boy Maddox!

Baylee and Blake are also going to come to Nashville with us to watch my boyfriend, Kendall, play.With that said there will be 6 adults on this crazy Nashville trip….

I think I have gone to Nashville at least 6 times…….

There are a few things that are must dos!

  1. Go to Midtown…. my favorite bar ever is Losers! Next to it is Winners, and across the street Red Door.  All great bars!
  2. Broadway…. everyone knows you have to go to Broadway, that’s no secret ( Honky Tonk Central, Acme Feed and Seed and  Tootsies of course). But not just go to the bars and the restaurants (hot chicken is a must try in Nashville!)   ( Ole Red) … go into the shops!  Buy the boots!!! you are on Vacay…  why not??
  3. The Pharmacy…  the burgers are amazing! (I always get the Stroganoff Burger)  They also have hard floats and hard shakes 🙂
  4. Santa’s Pub…. absolutely a must!! it is a hole in the wall trailer where the owner that looks like Santa sits outside! There is Karaoke every night and it is cash only…. this is the level of redneck that I strive to be on!!
  5. Pedal Tavern…. I am not the one to want to exercise but this was fun!  Especially if you are on a bachelorette trip!
  6. Blue Bird Cafe…  this is a a Nashville staple!
  7. Chuy’s….. I just love mexican food!
  8. Ryman Auditorium and Grand Ole Opry  …. Of course do the tours and go see the shows!!

These are just a few of the MUST Do’s on my list!!!

Please let me know if you have any MUST Do’s on your list so I can try them out this weekend!!! 

Below are a few pictures from when I have gone to Nashville before! ….. that I can share 😉