Busy, Crazy, Fun Weekend!

So this weekend starting on Thursday is going to be super busy! I am definitely not complaining because it will be so much fun!

Starting on Thursday is our company crawfish boil… we do this annually and I have to say we are so blessed to be apart of a company that does such special things for us.  Unfortunately, it is suppose to rain… but being the amazing company that they are, (Guaranty Media) they are finding an inside place to do it instead of just canceling it.

Friday is when it starts to get hectic!

Friday I will be out at the Denham Springs Fair! The fair start Thursday, April 4th to Sunday, April 7th. I will be out there on Friday from 2pm-4pm. On Friday they have live music from Nashville South! Click here for more information about the fun things going on on the other days such as tickets, rides, live music, contest, etc…..

After that I plan on hustling over to the first Spring Live After 5!  My good friend Chase Tyler is playing and he always puts on a heck of a show.  I don’t know how he sings and runs around and jumps all at the same time!!! I need some of his energy to get me through this busy weekend !!!  For a full line up for Live After 5 and more information on the bands and tickets click here!

Then right after Live After 5, our very own Abby Leigh is performing at Jolie Pearl! The show starts at 8pm-11pm. Of course I have to go by and show my support for my girl! Make sure you geaux like Abby Leigh’s page to see what other fun adventures she goes on….. click here!


Joe Nichols will be at the Texas Club and my boyfriend has been wanting to go, so being the great girlfriend I am, instead of going crash in my bed, I am rallying! The show starts at 9pm and you can get your tickets at the door ORRRR of course be listening for your chance to win tickets!!!  Click here for all the events going on at the Texas Club!


I AM SO EXCITED TO GO TO BREC’S BATON ROUGE ZOO!!! It is the 49th Birthday of the annual Zippity Zoo Fest! I will be out there from 10am to 12pm! They have so many fun things for you and the kids to do. They will have a Children’s Village, face painting, EdZooCation station, photo contest winners gallery, partner activity booths throughout the Zoo, animal enrichments and chats, family entertainment stage and of course, birthday cake! For more information click here!

Now what I have been waiting for….LSU’S SPRING GAME!!! I have been having withdrawals from football and the Spring Game is exactly what I need to get me to August! The best part is that I know that LSU will win! Click here to find out more about the Spring Game. After the Spring Game I get to go to the family crawfish boil!  ( is there a such thing as having too much crawfish in one weekend???….NO)

Sunday is suppose to be a day of rest.  NOT FOR THE TIGER CREW!!! we are hosting an ACM watch party!!! The ACM awards start at 7pm on April 7th and we want to watch them with you!!!  Abby Leigh, James Gilmore, and myself will be commenting on anything and every ACM awards.  We will talk about who we think will win, who should had won, and of course what they are wearing!!!  You never know who will be stopping by to put their 2 cents in too!! so make sure you join us on Facebook Live on Sunday starting about 6:45 for the ACM Award’s Watch Party!


SOOOOOOO……in a nutshell that is my busy, crazy, fun weekend!!!

Let me know what You are doing!!!